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For Publishers

Authors and Publishers that purchase ISBNs and provision bibliographic details about their titles automatically receive web page featuring information about their titles which is included in the Bookwire Index.


If you are the publisher. and you find an error in any of the product details related to your book, please provide us updated information by updating your data on Bowker's My Identifiers.

About changing your book information on My Identifiers:

1.    You can use your or BowkerLink username and password to sign-in.

2.    If you donot have a sign-in, but your book is listed, click here to use our FIND ME feature to establish your sign-in credentials.

3.    Once you are in your account on My Identifiers:

a.    Select the "My Account" link and click on "My Identifiers" in the menu.

b.    The page that opens up will be a dashboard of all your ISBNs. You may navigate to your ISBN by clicking on the title, or search for your specific ISBN in search at the bottom of the page by ISBN-13 format: